Benefits of temping?

Are you in a situation where you are considering temping? 

Just come back from travelling or a long term contract is coming to an end, maybe you’ve been made redundant? Whatever your position temping could hugely benefit you and here are some reasons why:

• Learn new skills

Companies use different systems and programmes, they also operate differently and have a variety of processes even if it’s the same job you’ve done before elsewhere.  Building your skills and experience is never going to be a bad thing; it’ll only make you more desirable to an employer.

Meet a variety of people and experience different company cultures

Again, companies operate differently and this includes their company culture. You would learn how to fit into a wide variety of businesses and learn what values are important to you based on your newly gained experienced. You may find you prefer SME’s over large corporates which could make you happier in the long run.

• A great foot in the door for potential longer term roles and building connections 

As an employment agency we know how temporary employment works and it is not unusual to get a 2 week booking which rolls on and on and on, then may even go permanent! If you are looking for work on an ongoing basis don’t turn down the little short term bookings… You never know where it may lead. 
Alternatively it may only be a 2 week role but a manager or colleague may recognise your skills and offer you a different kind of opportunity, it’s all about networking. 

• Building your CV if you have a lack of experience

If you are starting out in your career, studying or just graduated it’s a good idea to build on your CV, having office experience is very valuable especially if you wish to continue your career in an office based role. Temping can also help you make that decision on what career path to take.
It’s also a fantastic way to earn some money in between your studies, win-win. 

• You still get great benefits

Remember as a ‘temp’ you still get holiday pay and after 12 weeks you get the same benefits as a permanent employee, this is called AWR so you can still jet off on holiday and be building your pension, just like a permanent member of staff! 

If this appeals to you and you’re in a position where you would like to try temporary work, send your CV through to us now weybridge@marchrecruitment.co.uk or call us to find out more 01932 852881 

Posted by: March Recruitment