When is it time to quit your job?

Contemplating quitting your job but not sure on timing and need some advice?

It is important you don’t make any impulsive decisions, especially if you have responsibilities however quitting your job can also be the best thing for you if you are experiencing any of the following:

You dread going to work, you contemplate calling in sick just because you don’t want to go in. Alarm bells!!  Employees who are not happy in their jobs tend to have high absence records than those who like their jobs, colleagues & workplace.

It’s affecting your health, mental and physical well-being is not something to take lightly and if your job is exhausting, causing anxiety, depression or any other health issues, walk away. No job is worth sacrificing your welfare.

You are being held back, if you have reached the point where progression is no longer an option but feel you have so much more to give; it’s definitely worth going elsewhere. You know you are capable of so much more, don’t let a limited organisation hold back your potential.

The company culture isn’t a good fit for you, if you feel the company isn’t a suitable match for you, you shouldn’t settle it’s unlikely the company will change but you can change companies.

What can you do to help your job search along?

Consider taking a pay cut if you have the opportunity to get into a well-established and reputable company or it’s a step in the right direction for your chosen career path.

Consider fixed term contracts or temporary work, the word temporary is scary to some people and understandably so, however it can be a life saver for people who want to leave their roles ASAP. Once you have completed your notice period, temp work can tide you by and give you the flexibility to interview for more permanent or longer term roles.

Following on from this, you never know where temporary roles can lead, it’s not uncommon for a 2 week assignment to roll on for months or even go permanent!

Get yourself on as many job boards as possible and create/ update your LinkedIn profile, let yourself be contactable by recruiters and hirers.

Brush up your skills; go on any relevant courses to your area of work.

If you are struggling in a job you dislike and want some advice or to start your search, don’t delay – get in contact with one of our experienced consultants 01932 852881.