How important is cultural fit to candidates and clients in Weybridge?

I think it is very clear that nowadays employees in Surrey want more than just their salary from a job. There are studies out that that suggest 71% of people would take a pay cut if they could work for a company that had values like their own and gave them job satisfaction.

The culture of an establishment is getting more important to employees and workers within Surrey. What are the different types of cultural traits in an organisation?

  • Respect/Fairness
  • Trust/Integrity
  • Change/Adaptability
  • Results Orientation
  • Teamwork
  • Employee Engagement
  • Responsibility/Accountability

They may just sound like buzz words however every company runs differently and has different values. Culture is less about saying these things are important but more about proving they are in your everyday running of the business.

Talking from experience, some Weybridge and Surrey based organisations run better with independent workers, who are responsible for their roles and are able to adapt to change, quickly. Others are target driven; working in teams to hit KPI’s which in turn means honesty and integrity is important as well as team work and fairness.

So how do you get the right team/ cultural fit by just interviewing?

Interviewing a candidate should consist of three things: the candidate’s capability to do the job, their desire to work for the company and whether they are the right cultural fit. Talking to a candidate about their values and what they require from a company besides wages will give you a good indication as to what is important to them.

Taking these points into consideration when making a decision on a hire will maximise the chance of finding the right fit for your team and organisation.

This is where March Recruitment, as a Weybridge based agency comes in useful to companies who are keen to get that fit right. We pre-screen candidates before you even get their CV. We know how they come across over the phone and in person, their work history; why they left and what they want from a role now. We are committed to knowing our clients so you know you are getting quality candidates.

This way of working is also valuable for candidates, as we already know our clients so can describe the company and their culture before the applicant goes for interview. Employees are actively looking for an environment that fits how they want to work. March Recruitment are experts at matching up talent with successful Surrey based businesses to ensure the results of the hire are significant for both parties.