Tempting Temping: The Top 3 Sectors Hiring for Christmas

If you’ve been busy hunting for jobs in Weybridge, then you’ll be pleased to know that the upcoming holiday season is the perfect time to look for work and the perfect time to get hired! You’ll find Christmas temp work aplenty with just a cursory glance, but what sectors in particular should you scope out to find the best picks? Never fear, March Recruitment are here to answer that very question! Why not try checking out:


Whether you’re working in retail or telemarketing, sales always see a spike in November and December as customers prepare for Christmas and find themselves just a little more likely to say “why not?”. Employers will want to capitalise on these loose purse strings and are always looking for sales representatives to pitch sales or ring up stocks. Commission-based roles will give you a bit extra cash for some presents of your own, too!

Order Processing

Shopping online has never been more popular, and it goes without saying that this area would get busier during one of the most active spending periods of the year! An increased demand from customers again means an increased demand from employers, so if you have it skill and attention to detail, you can clean up nicely this festive season.


The hospitality industry is generally busy all year round, but you’ll find even more openings than usual during the holiday season. Depending on your skills and preference, you can find roles to suit you, whether that be serving drinks in a cosy cafe, greeting guests at a hotel, or assisting customers from behind a help desk.

You’ll find that March Recruitment has some of the best jobs in Weybridge up for grabs right here on our site, not even counting Christmas temp work. Apply for roles online with us today or chat with our team by calling 01932 852 or emailing weybridge@marchrecruitment.co.uk – we’d love to hear from you.