Graduates: Why You Need to Stress Less About Entering Employment

The team at March Recruitment see fresh graduates worrying about their first positions all the time in our recruitment agency in Surrey – some may have little work experience, or are scared about making the move from full time education to full time work, and are terrified at what the future holds for them! Finishing uni can be both a stressful and liberating time, and here’s why you need to spend more time thinking about your opportunities, and less time stressing over the details!

It’s Okay If You Don’t Know Exactly Where You’re Headed

As a recruitment agency in Surrey, we know just how many people there are who don’t have a clear cut idea of what they want to do – you’ll often find those with established careers joking that they still aren’t sure! If you’ve graduated and are not sure which way you’re headed, this is pretty common, and not something to stress over! There’s no time limit to decide, and in the meantime, you can dip your toes in areas that interest you.

Not sure what areas those are? Don’t worry! Use your degree as a springboard to work from – what did you enjoy about your course, and which careers could you find similar aspects in? What transferable skills did you gain, and where could you put these to use?

You’re Not Bound To One Career For The Rest Of Your Life

Feel free to try out different career sectors and see which is the best fit for you – it’s okay to change your mind, and realise that what you initially planned isn’t where you really want to be! Your first post-university role isn’t about signing your soul away for the rest of time but is a chance to get your foot in the door of the working world, even if you end up moving to a position, company, or sector.

This will all add up to quantifiable experience to add to your cv – nothing is quite as attractive to employers as graduates with real experience in the workplace, too! It also has the added benefit of netting you references and industry contacts, which you’ll find invaluable later if you do switch careers.

The Workplace Isn’t That Different To Educational Spaces

Of course every employer is different, but you’ll notice certain familiarities in activities – meeting your coworkers is a lot like being introduced to coursemates, and reporting to your boss (or manager) is a lot like talking to your teacher/lecturer. There will of course be differences and you will need to adapt to certain unfamiliar situations, but it’s not as drastic or scary as you might think!

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