Top Tips For An Outstanding CV

As a successful recruitment agency Surrey, here at March Recruitment we pride ourselves on helping our clients land a job best suited to them. We also understand the importance of writing an informative and intricate CV, as it is the employer’s first impression of you and your accomplishments. A bad CV may damage your chances at securing a job, so take our advice and follow these tips for an outstanding CV.


Tailor your CV

Although it is tempting, don’t send the same CV to every employer you apply to. Take the time to personally tailor your CV to each individual job, only adding experience relevant to that specific role. This extra step will be noticed by your potential employers and they’ll appreciate the consideration put into your CV.


List your duties as achievements

Writing your CV in an active tone is very important. This can easily be done by listing your duties/responsibilities as achievements. For example, don’t say “I was involved in the promotion of the company at industry events,” but rather “I promoted the company at industry events.” This simple change can make you appear more confident and proactive.



A common mistake in writing CVs is including irrelevant experience to fill up space. Show you understand the job role by applying your relevant skills from previous employment to the new vacancy. If you have no experience, take skills you have learnt from your day to day life and apply them to your possible future job responsibilities.


Spell check

This tip may seem obvious but it is still worth mentioning: spell check. A little typo or misspelt word can ruin your chance of setting a good first impression before they’ve even finished reading your CV. Read it out loud and get someone else to read it, as it is often difficult to spot your own mistakes. Keep your CV to a maximum of two pages and use short, concise sentences to keep it as sensible and clear as possible.

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