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Another March Recruitment Victory?

Another March Recruitment Victory? March Recruitment are taking part in the Weybridge Community Regatta for the 4th year in a row, safe to say it is now an established event for us and we enjoy it more and more each year. After the success of our 2nd year we are determined to win back the […]

How to quit your job professionally

We’ve recently written a blog about how to tell if it’s time to quite your job, if you find yourself in a position where your situation has changed and therefore you’re ready to leave your current role how do you go about handing your notice in? Here are some tips on how to quit your […]

Graduate & Student Open Day! Wednesday 5th June 2019 – 09:30 – 17:30

Graduate & Student Open Day! Wednesday 5th June 2019 – 09:30 – 17:30 Come along to our open day to discuss temporary and permanent work opportunities. If you’re looking for temporary work to save for travelling or in the interim while you complete lengthy grad scheme applications or if you want a permanent role to […]

EMPLOYERS: Why choose a High Street Recruitment Agency?

Recruiting new employees can be both time consuming and expensive for organisations. You want the best possible talent and team fit but where do you find it? How much does it cost? When will you find time to sift through CV’s and interview several candidates! At the moment we are experiencing a candidate-driven market, in […]

When is it time to quit your job?

Contemplating quitting your job but not sure on timing and need some advice? It is important you don’t make any impulsive decisions, especially if you have responsibilities however quitting your job can also be the best thing for you if you are experiencing any of the following: You dread going to work, you contemplate calling […]

What’s happening to the current candidate market in Weybridge? 

What’s happening to the current candidate market in Weybridge? One of the trends we are finding here in Weybridge, Surrey at March Recruitment is the inundation of applications from candidates – which is a good thing, right? Not necessarily. Although it’s always good to have an interest in our advertised roles, there is a clear […]

CANDIDATES: Why choose a High Street Recruitment Agency?

It’s no secret recruitment agencies can have a bad reputation however this stigma is changing, especially March Recruitment a High Street agency, as we pride ourselves on good communication, customer satisfaction and building long term relationships with both candidates and clients.   I can job search online, why use an agency? Have you ever wanted […]

How important is cultural fit to candidates and clients in Weybridge?

I think it is very clear that nowadays employees in Surrey want more than just their salary from a job. There are studies out that that suggest 71% of people would take a pay cut if they could work for a company that had values like their own and gave them job satisfaction. The culture […]

March Recruitment announces the launch of our app!

Why download our March Recruitment app? A well-designed mobile app can perform actions much quicker than a mobile website. Apps can further save users’ time by storing their preferences, and using them to take proactive actions on users’ behalf. Mobile apps can let users set up their preferences at the start, based on which users can be served with customised […]

Recruitment Advent: 11 Things You Can Do to Help Your Job Search Over Christmas

It may not be as exciting as opening your advent calendar, but searching for jobs in Surrey can come with their own set of surprises! Many of us wind down when it comes to recruitment at this time of year, but it’s actually a great time to look for work! Here’s what you can do […]