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Are employee expectations of their workplace benefits changing?

*This blog was written pre-covid pandemic

There is no doubt that employees and candidates expectations are changing with regards to benefits in the work place. Several studies including one from Aon have shown that 60% of employers say that their businesses are either already changing or are expected to change in the next five years and that employees’ top priorities now include flexible working hours, agile working, mental health, diversity and inclusion, and parental leave.

Is the Government standard good enough?

There isn’t a yes or no answer to this question, the government standard laws are there to protect employees of small businesses and to ensure staff welfare is looked after, obviously the more benefits you offer the more desirable your company will be to potential hires.

What sort of free/cheap benefits can you offer your employees?

  • Extra day off for their birthday as additional holiday
  • Early finish on Friday (even half an hour)
  • Flexible working hours, if you set core hours your employees have the flexibility to start early or finish late.
  • Prosecco Friday – this is one of our favourites, 4pm on a Friday we open the prosecco and reflect on the week, excellent team building and nice to unwind with your colleagues, get ready for the weekend.
  • Bring your pet to work day, this can improve productivity, increase colleague cooperation and stress reduction.
  • Dress down day, this is a fantastic opportunity to allow your staff to show personal expression, rewards their hard work and helps with team bonding.
  • Monthly lunches on the company – if you bought your team pizza or MacDonald’s once a month this would be something so simple yet fun to look forward to!

Of course there are other benefits and rewards you can offer your employees, cultural fit is so important and is becoming more of a requirement for candidates in recent years, it’s not all about the salary anymore and keeping up with employee expectations is essential for retaining staff and keeping moral high.