Candidates are ruling the roost!

In the Surrey area we are currently experiencing a ‘candidate driven market’, but what exactly does that mean?

The unemployment rate is so low that recruiting for candidates is harder; in fact it is below 1% meaning that businesses have to compete for talent and offer bigger and better benefit packages, good company values and reputation to secure the candidates needed.

Job offers are being rejected more than usual, consequently more interviews are being conducted to secure a successful applicant, which leads us on to the job board applications; Recruiters have noticed a significant drop and the candidates who do apply, tend to be non-committed. You can read more about ‘casual candidates’ in another blog we wrote.

How do you solve this problem of jobs to candidate ratio?

Advertise the benefits of the company, candidates (rightly so) want to see what’s attractive about working for that business and why they should leave where they are.

Advertise the role for what it is; candidates won’t hesitate to withdraw if they feel it’s been mis sold to them, honesty is key.

Be more open and flexible to transferable skills, think outside the box. So many candidates are willing to learn and develop their skills. Not a lot of applicants will match your job specifications 100%, it should be more of a wish list and if you find an applicant who is genuinely interested in the job, take that passion and willingness and expand them.

A good training programme and on-boarding process is essential, the candidate will be up to speed in no time and this will help with retention, meaning less recruiting during this tough market.

Act fast, if you like a candidate and feel they can add value to your business don’t wait around to offer as they won’t be around for long!

Happy Recruiting! If you are looking for a new role or recruiting for a candidate and struggling in this tough market, give us a call to see how we can help. 01932 852881