EMPLOYERS: Why choose a High Street Recruitment Agency?

Recruiting new employees can be both time consuming and expensive for organisations.

You want the best possible talent and team fit but where do you find it? How much does it cost? When will you find time to sift through CV’s and interview several candidates!

At the moment we are experiencing a candidate-driven market, in short, that means as the job market improves, employers have fewer options and employees have more. Candidates are being snapped up within days of applying for roles, which in turn means employers are losing candidates if they don’t act quickly.

Because of the current market, it is important to have competitive up-to-date salaries, benefits and sell the culture, brand, core values and reputation of your company to attract the best candidates for you.

So how can a recruitment agency help you with these issues and challenges?

We match applicants with hirers using pre-screening techniques to time save and create client and candidate satisfaction, getting the cultural fit right, before you’ve met them. This helps with candidate retention.

Negotiating salaries & all the niggly time consuming bits of hiring, able to be realistic and creative with what you can get for your financial budget, looking deeper into candidate transferable skills that may not be obvious or even on their CV.

We understand the candidate market and the changes /challenges you may face, therefore being able to give advice and benchmark candidates appropriately.

Specialist database systems, using a pool of registered candidates as well as using an array of job boards and advertising methods, saving you money.

No placement, no fee!

If you need help with recruitment please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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