What’s happening to the current candidate market in Weybridge? 

What’s happening to the current candidate market in Weybridge?

One of the trends we are finding here in Weybridge, Surrey at March Recruitment is the inundation of applications from candidates – which is a good thing, right?

Not necessarily.

Although it’s always good to have an interest in our advertised roles, there is a clear rise in non-committed candidates, by this we mean the process of applying for different roles whenever, wherever, for whatever is just one click of a button, on almost every site – including ours! With their generic cover letters and CV’s already uploaded; one click could be a spontaneous decision on the way home from a bad day at work.

This has led to a barrage of applications being sent, to HR /Recruitment departments and agencies in Surrey, with CV’s and cover letters of people who change their mind and then don’t answer their phone when the screening process is upon them.

Now there is nothing wrong with testing the water, seeing what’s out there and even asking for advice. As a matter of fact there is nothing wrong with changing your mind after an application, that’s entirely your prerogative. The frustration lies when candidates apply for roles that don’t fit the jobs profile, at all…

On average, the number of people who apply for any given job is 118, but how many are informal applicants?

The knock on effect of this means that Recruitment departments and agencies do not have enough time to get back to everyone who applied, some of those people may be genuine applicants who sat and read the description, created a cover letter to suit and are hopeful of some feedback, and then don’t hear anything. This is causing frustration to legitimate candidates, who feel they aren’t getting the customer service they deserve.

One way March Recruitment are tackling this is by putting the feelers out to see how serious an applicant is, asking questions about their commitment and availability for interview if shortlisted and getting them to register fully before sending their CV.

Approximately 80% of available jobs are never advertised.

This means genuine applicants who are looking for new roles are missing out on an abundance of opportunities.

Register with March Recruitment today, you could get an interview before the role is even listed online!