CANDIDATES: Why choose a High Street Recruitment Agency?

It’s no secret recruitment agencies can have a bad reputation however this stigma is changing, especially March Recruitment a High Street agency, as we pride ourselves on good communication, customer satisfaction and building long term relationships with both candidates and clients.


I can job search online, why use an agency?

Have you ever wanted to change your career path or feel you don’t have the skills and experience to go into your dream job?

Has your lifestyle changed so you need to work flexibly or part time?

High Street Agencies, including March Recruitment will often have an open door policy with candidates able to walk off the street and in to register. This allows you to explain your situation and get advice from consultants who have the experience and knowledge of the job market; they can point you in the right direction and make suggestions on how to find the right role for you.

I personally started the job I’m in now at March Recruitment because I was desperate get out of hospitality. I knew I had the passion and skills to do something computer/administration based and build a career but in what industry? What role? Where? How? I was fresh from A-levels and had no idea where to begin or what to apply for, not to mention I had no interview experience. Job adverts were wordy and I certainly didn’t have the confidence to apply, especially when I didn’t understand half the lingo.

It can be daunting, I know first-hand but imagine if you could walk in to an agency, sit down with a cup of coffee and talk to an experienced recruiter, tell them your situation and the challenges you are facing. This creates a far more personal experience.

Our combined experience in March Recruitment is over 100 years! From corporate sales offices, in-house recruitment and even the longevity of our Contracts Manager, Lynne Cepollina who has served 33 years at March Recruitment! So she has seen the economy and job market change throughout.

March Recruitment also has great local knowledge; we have been in the area for 39 years, and primarily deal with a 10 mile radius of Weybridge meaning we know the local area well including parking spots, heavy rush hour traffic routes, public transport routes and local businesses all the small things that are important to candidates.

March Recruitment carefully matches candidates and jobs/clients using pre-screening techniques to time save and create client and candidate satisfaction. Job specifications can be very brief, most of the time you won’t find certain information such as; the industry, the cultural fit, unofficial perks and benefits (such as Prosecco Fridays)! And so on, all this information help agencies get that personality fit right.

Once the job has been matched and your CV has been sent, along with a supporting letter written by the agency based on your meeting with the consultant, we also help prepare candidates for interview and giving as much information about the company and role to the candidate, this makes your chances better at a successful interview and can make the candidate feel more comfortable and organised.

So we’re not all bad! March Recruitment genuinely wants to help and thrive on satisfied candidates and clients!

Register today, there are no fees to the candidates but our advice can be invaluable, and you never know you might find the right role!