Three Reasons Candidates Aren’t Applying to your Job Advert

As one of the top recruitment agencies in Surrey, March Recruitment know a thing or two about successful job listings. You’d be surprised at how many successful companies manage to sell themselves short and don’t provide an advertisement that’s attractive to any candidate – let alone the ones they’d like to eventually hire! So, just what are you doing wrong, and how can you fix it?

It’s Too Long (Or Short)

You really want to be touching upon a happy medium when writing job advertisements – anything too long (especially if you haven’t used bullet points, headings, or other useful formatting anywhere) will send candidates running for the hills, and anything too short is often too brief to give a full description of the role you’re advertising. Remember, keep things concise, but informative.

It’s Confusing

Whilst we’re on the subject of formatting, you want to make sure that any you use makes your job advert easier to read, not more difficult! Nothing puts off candidates like having to slog through a listing that is difficult to follow and doesn’t make sense. Try not to overuse technical jargon too, especially if you’re hiring for lower or entry-level roles.

You’re Not using a Recruiter

Agencies like March Recruitment have a large pool of qualified candidates to draw from; if you’re working alone you have to rely on your own advertisement, and hope that the ideal candidate finds your listing on one of the many job sites online. Recruitment agencies in Surrey, however, will directly recommend your job listing to qualified and appropriate candidates on their books, giving you a greater chance that the right person for the role sees and applied for your advertised position.

Working with March Recruitment gains you the expertise of one of the most trusted recruitment agencies in Surrey, and a pool of highly qualified candidates to go along with it! Contact us today for more information about how we can help find the ideal candidate for your role and company, simply call o1932 852 881 or email us at