Attracting and Retaining Talent in Your Business


The team here at March Recruitment, a recruitment agency in Surrey, understand just how important it is to attract talent to your business right from the start! The UK is currently experiencing the lowest rate of unemployment in 40 years, with Surrey figures positioned below the national average, which means that the majority of candidates will already have jobs – so it’s vital to highlight your business’ best qualities, to ensure your company is the place that everybody wants to work! Read on to learn our top tips from our seminar, on attracting talent right from the beginning, and getting them to stay!

Company Branding

This will be your first opportunity to sell yourself to potential candidates, and with 69% of candidates more likely to apply for a job which manages its brand, it’s especially important to ensure that your branding correctly portrays what your business actually does and its company culture! 59% of candidates use social media to research companies they are interested in, so it’s a great way to give an insight into what life will be like in the workplace, and many companies use Instagram to showcase office games and team bonding trips.

Job Description

Once you’ve caught the attention of a candidate, the job description is the perfect opportunity to explain what you need from the client. Here is your chance to be thorough with the specifications of the job role, and the responsibilities are involved. A clearly explained job role will tell the candidate exactly what is expected of them, and will prevent any misunderstanding. As a recruitment agency in Surrey, we know that it’s also a great chance to persuade the candidate even more, by highlighting attractive job benefits!

Company Reputation

The first thing that will explain who you are as a company will be your core values, which most businesses will proudly want to advertise. Other factors that employees will discuss will be the working environment and company culture. Candidates will also want to know about how the business will invest in its staff. You can improve your company reputation by ensuring that this information is transparent and accessible to candidates researching you!

Interview Process

The candidate will likely be a little nervous before the interview, so it’s important that the process is clear and organised. This is your chance to explain the interview process and what will happen next, and set some timescales. The interview is also the perfect time for you to sell the business to the candidate face-to-face. If they interview is successful, you should communicate when you’ll next be in touch and what the next steps are.

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