“What Do I Put in my CV if I Don’t Have Any Skills?”

As one of the leading recruitment agencies in Weybridge, March Recruitment know that CVs are something that every applicant worries about, no matter how much experience they have! Of course, we also know that it can be especially tough for school leavers with only casual employment history, or someone looking to change roles after only ever having one job – just how are you meant to fill out the skills you have? Well, it may be simpler than you first thought!

Working or having an employment history in retail, food preparation, or minimum wage roles does not make you worth any less, and certainly does not mean that you don’t have any skills. Every job requires certain traits and abilities, even if we may not see these things immediately.

For example, being the “tea maker” in the office requires you to memorise everyone’s personal tastes, and which drink belongs to which person. Perhaps when you were doing this, you tidied up the kitchen, and took stock of what was in there, and maybe even replenished this, or arranged for it to be. It doesn’t seem like much at first, but this means you have a good working memory and organisational skills, as well as being a team player.

Having any sort of customer-facing role means that you’ll be an effective communicator, and may even have conflict-resolution skills. Working in cafes during rush hour means that you work well under pressure. Babysitting indicates responsibility. Also, no matter your job role, it’s possible to have problem solving skills – all you need to is notice something that could be fixed or improved, and then do it!

Look through what you’ve done in the past (with a friend or family member if need be) and think about what skills were required of you in that role. It may seem difficult at first, but you’ll soon see that you have more skills than you first thought! Add them to your CV with pride, and learn to look for the positives in your work – it’ll do wonder for your confidence, and your career!

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