Three Easy Ways to Calm Interview Nerves

As one of the leading recruitment agencies in Surrey, March Recruitment know all too well the plight of interviewees and how sitting in the waiting room can sometimes feel like being sent to the gallows, instead of an exciting new opportunity – but this doesn’t have to be the case! Nerves aren’t easy to shift, but it is possible to calm yourself down in the run up to your interview to make sure you’re ready for anything, and not a trembling wreck. Why not try:




It may sound cliche, but regulating your breathing is a great way to deal with interview nerves; focusing on your breathing acts as a distraction, taking your mind away from your doubts, and giving you breathing room (literally!) to calm down. There are a variety of apps out there to help you, or you can time yourself manually to ensure that you’re breathing evenly and not beginning to hyperventilate, something which is all too common when we become stressed! In fact, most people normally only take “shallow” breaths that don’t fill the lungs properly, but breathing exercises encourage you to breathe deeply and fully, which can help you feel more alert during your interview, too!


In fact, some people claim that yawning helps to calm their nerves, with Winter Olympian Apolo Anton Ohno notably stating that the act “gets the oxygen in and the nerves out”.




As one of the top recruitment agencies in Surrey, we understand your interview nerves may be caused in part by worrying about what questions you’ll be asked and whether you’ll manage to respond, but these usual concerns can end up running wild and stressing you out if left unchecked. Some find that indulging these “what-ifs’ can actually help them a little bit, providing they follow the “goldilocks” principle: that they visualise the best case scenario, the worst case scenario, and finally the most likely outcome – this method acknowledges your fears whilst keeping you grounded.




One of the best defences against interview nerves is knowing that you have properly prepared yourself for the upcoming questions, and are able to answer the questions that you’re likely to be asked. Preparation may not eradicate your fears completely, but you’ll notice that you are far less anxious about interviews that you have done more extensive and thorough preparation for (and, of course, the outcome will be more favourable too!)

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